Why An Elite Client Attractor (a.k.a. Expert Biz Lead Magnet) Is The Best Growth Tool for Your Consulting Business

You’re not alone if you have struggled to land more clients and find more leads. Lead generation is one of the most common challenges many consultants face. A problem that causes a lot of anxiety and concern. Rightfully so.

Here’s a simple truth.

If you don’t have enough leads, your business will fail.

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true.

For any business to thrive, including yours, it needs a steady traffic flow. If traffic is missing, there is no way to generate the sales you need for financial stability. It’s like opening a brand new Brother Vellies retail store in your neighborhood. Despite having a high-end, luxury, artisan product with undeniable value, you still need people to walk in, browse around and want to buy stuff to keep the doors open. There must be people who have a need or desire, know you exist, and are willing to pay you for the value you provide. Plain and simple.

That means you need a client attractor. It’s the spark of excitement that brings traffic your way. In standard business terms, you need a strategy for lead generation. Lead generation is critical to business success because it aims to bring the people you need into your ecosystem. It’s a way to impact your ability to generate revenue and achieve success directly.

Now, I’m sure this concept is no surprise. You’ve likely heard this before. Most marketers agree that lead generation needs to be a priority in your business. Yet, the approaches they share are often for generalists looking to reach the masses. They’re focused on volume attraction. They rarely consider the unique needs of a consulting or expert service-based business.

FACT: Your business needs are different.

As a consultant, you’re a lot like the luxury shop. Your product is your high-level expertise. You often share insight that doesn’t appeal to the masses. You don’t provide general advice or common knowledge in your field. As an expert in your space, you have depth. The clients you serve have complex problems. They need more than the simple solutions that are a dime a dozen on the internet.

Attracting clients with these higher needs and context requires a more sophisticated approach. So, you need a more sophisticated technique to attract and target them. Still, many consultants fail to appreciate this difference. They continue to focus on acquiring an extensive list of prospects at all costs. After all, “the big list” is the holy grail of marketing.

Right? Wrong.

It’s not about the number of leads you have; their quality matters as much, if not more. Having quality leads is like hitting the jackpot for your business. They’re the ones who are more likely to become loyal customers. They increase in value over time, boosting your profits in the long run. And here’s the icing on the cake: when you target and qualify your leads, you actually end up with better sales results while using fewer resources. It’s a win-win! So, instead of chasing after random leads, focus on attracting and nurturing those high-quality ones. This is where your elite client attractor (a.k.a. lead magnet) can be a priceless asset to attract the clients you’re meant to serve.

Tell you more about this magical lead magnet. Sure. I thought you’d never ask.

A lead magnet is a “give it to me now” kind of offer businesses create to attract people who hopefully will buy their products and services. It’s an offer that’s so enticing that people are willing to part with something more valuable than Beyonce or Taylor Swift front-row seats… their email. You now have the opportunity to convert them into paying clients, resulting in increased sales for your products or services.

CAUTION ⚠️  Not all lead magnets are created equal.

While some lead magnets can attract high-quality leads, others attract leads that leave much to be desired. These people aren’t a good fit for your business and may not even be interested in what you offer. The lead is of “low quality.” They simply find the free resource useful. And well, why not? But as an expert in your space, you deserve to work with clients who appreciate the value of your service. And some may argue that you can still find your diamond in the rough among a large pool of leads. But that, my friend, wastes energy and financial resources.

Here’s the thing: Your lead magnet is more powerful than you might realize. It can be the perfect people filter. You can create a lead magnet to identify your most aligned and qualified prospects. And it can do the heavy lifting that makes selling your consulting services a breeze.

This article discusses how you can create a superior lead magnet for others in your industry. One that attracts higher-quality leads (ELITE leads… you’ll learn more about that in a moment) for your consulting business. Let’s dive in!

Everything in consulting begins with your expertise.

Real talk, it’s crucial to start by unapologetically embracing your expertise. Because this is where the magic happens. You tap into your authentic power, and your performance reaches new heights.

By embracing what you’re best at, you bring a level of knowledge and skill that’s undeniable. People can feel it. They trust it. And that trust becomes the foundation of meaningful connections. You become a beacon of light when you do this from this place of authenticity and strength. You will draw the right opportunities and the right people towards you. Your business flourishes because you’re operating in your zone of genius.

This should be your starting point. Think of building a client attractor that highlights what you’re best at. Lean into your strengths and let them shine!

Next, You Need to Know Who You Want to Attract (a.k.a. Identify Your Target Audience)

The better you can define your target audience, the more successful you will be in this exercise. You need to understand who your ideal client is, what their pain points are, and what they are looking for. This is the first step in determining how you can create an offer to help them solve a problem or achieve a goal.

Let’s say you run a digital marketing agency. And your agency specializes in helping small businesses improve their online presence. You want to explore the needs and desires of your most ideal clients.

Think about what makes someone most equipped for your offer.

Take a look at your previous success stories. Determine what elements were essential to achieving that success.

Consider who you created your offer for and the goals they desire to reach in the future. 

The goal is to identify a marketing angle for your lead magnet. This is so that the messaging and information provided speak directly to those you want to serve. Creating a simple lead magnet on how a digital marketing agency can help small business owners won’t be enough to attract the client you envisioned.

This brings me to my first quick tip…

Everything from your title to content should help pre-qualify people for your offer.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when creating lead magnets is that they miss the opportunity to use it as a pre-qualification tool. Your ideal client doesn’t feel connected to the message when the lead magnet is too broad. They may see it as too general and incapable of solving their problem. You have to begin to elevate your content for your specialty. Address your ideal client’s specific pain points and interests with deeper insight. Share your perspective on how to best address their needs.

Let’s use the previous example of targeting small business owners for digital marketing. Where do you have the most experience? Is it with Private Cosmetic Practices? If so, this may mean that you further clarify the identity of small business owners. Then, attach that to the problems you have seen them face. You could create a free online masterclass titled “10 Proven Strategies for Private Cosmetic Practice Owners to Improve Online Presence in Less Than 30 Minutes a Day.”

By targeting your lead magnet to your ideal client, instead of offering a general “10 Proven Strategies to Improve Your Online Presence” ebook, you increase the likelihood that your lead magnet will attract people better aligned with your services. You’ve identified who they are, acknowledged their busy schedule, addressed a desire, and overcame one of their most significant objections in one fail swoop. This is irresistible.

Need a real-life example? Look no further than the HubSpot Marketing Grading Tool. HubSpot is a leading marketing software company that helps businesses with inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. They created the Marketing Grader Tool to help potential business-to-business (B2B) customers grade their website’s marketing performance. They also provide customized recommendations for improvement. 

Source: https://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/29274/hubspot-launches-free-marketing-grader-tool-to-replace-website-grader.aspx

Here’s a glimpse of how intentional Hubspot was when creating The Marketing Grader Tool:

  • They targeted businesses that desired to improve their marketing performance. => Addressing a specific need.
  • They collected data on website performance through the use of the tool. => Pre-qualifying prospects for their offer.
  • They customized recommendations for improvement. => Showcasing their expertise.

It’s a great example of a lead magnet that helps to support the buyer’s journey, stand out from the competition, and position yourself as an expert. You can do this too!

Here’s the secret to your lead magnet attracting higher-quality leads…🤐

The content you create as part of this lead magnet should create a digital smoke signal for your most aligned and dreamy clients. It’s like having your juiciest insights written in a secret code language. Think about how you can connect with them in ways many others cannot. This helps you break through the noise in a crowded and saturated market.

So, how do you do this?

  • Choose a specialized topic.
  • Provide a solution to a more advanced problem.
  • Increase the context of the information provided
  • Address a higher-level stakeholder.
  • Use industry-specific terminology

These are just a few ways to elevate the value provided through your lead magnet.

And it’s the complete opposite of most general marketing advice. But remember… that’s the point.

For example, let’s say your consulting firm focuses on curriculum development for adult learners. To stand out from the competition, you could create a lead magnet titled “5 Questions Every Nonprofit Organizational Leader Should Ask Before Hiring a Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Developer.”

Yes! That is a thing…lol. And when that leader sees this tool, they will feel like they received the answer to their prayers. “There’s someone who specializes in EXACTLY what I need!”

Of course, the name of the lead magnet should be more appealing, but you get my drift. This lead magnet addresses a higher-level stakeholder in a specific niche within the nonprofit space. Additionally, the information and insight raise the context reader. Everything works together to attract your dreamiest clients.

I love real-life examples, so here’s another one.

Neil Patel – SEO Analyzer

Source: https://neilpatel.com/seo-analyzer/

Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketing consultant. Through NP Digital, he offers a variety of tools and resources to help businesses improve their online presence, including lead generation efforts. One of his most popular lead magnets is the SEO Analyzer. The SEO Analyzer is a free online tool that analyzes your website’s search engine optimization and provides recommendations for improvement.

If you have ever wanted someone to take a quick backend peek at your website and give you the heads up on what may not be working, this is for you. The SEO Analyzer is a great example of a unique and valuable lead magnet that stands out from the competition. In minutes, it positions Neil Patel as the expert guide walking you to SEO heaven. This tool provides so many insights and leaves you ready to dive further into building a website that converts. The design of this lead magnet focuses on the transformation one can receive. And it creates an unmatched experience with the speed and ease you can gain this insight. It is certainly created with a precise and targeted audience in mind.

Finally, a well-crafted lead magnet can position you as an expert in your industry.

It can help you create a Viola Davis 2016 Oscar-winning monologue-type experience for your ideal client. You can help them feel the impact of the value you provide. Rather than simply sharing information, your brilliance shines through your work. And that work allows your target audience to experience a small win due to your insight. That experience paints a memorable impression that defines your brand in their mind. 

For instance, if you own a financial planning business, create a lead magnet sharing the strategies you have seen work best for your clients in creating a financial retirement plan. Even if it is a curation of other resources or tools, the fact that you have curated the list using your expertise adds immeasurable value. Each recommendation and its usefulness demonstrates your expertise in financial planning. You’ll attract aligned leads and build trust and credibility as a result. So, when it’s time for them to choose a service provider in your industry, you’ll be the one they turn to.

I know you won’t want to hear this… (but it’s not as bad as you think)

There is one change that I want to prepare you for, especially if you were enjoying a lot of interest in your lead magnets before. The number of leads you will attract will decrease once you make these changes.

There won’t be as many people who can relate to your message.

Fewer people will desire the solution you offer.

But, the quality of your leads will increase, and thus, so will the revenue you can generate.


Don’t let this shift cause you to ditch your strategy. Focus on the number of qualified leads you generate and the sales you create. When you attract high-quality leads, you’re more likely to convert those leads into paying clients. This results in a higher return on investment (ROI) for your marketing and sales efforts.

Finally, don’t be afraid to test different lead magnets to see what works best for your business. What works for one business may not work for another. Experimenting and finding the right one that works for your target audience is essential.

Wait! You didn’t tell us… What is an ELITE Client Attractor (a.k.a. lead magnet)?

Now, I couldn’t let you leave without giving you the scoop.

The ELITE Client Attractor is a proven framework for creating a lead magnet that converts. It attracts leads aligned and qualified for your high-level consulting offer. And it works whether you’re in the B2B or consumer space.

It is a systematic way of implementing everything we have discussed. Because this process shouldn’t be a shot in the dark but rather a repeatable process, you can use it time and time again to create an effective lead magnet that attracts high-quality leads, help you be more efficient with your marketing and sales efforts, and ultimately generate more significant revenue for your business.

The bottom line, the path to industry influence, and the financial stability your business deserves hinges on one crucial factor: clients. Not just any clients but a consistent stream of high-value clients. This is where the Elite Client Attractor becomes your greatest ally. By harnessing its power, you’ll effortlessly attract the clients you desire, paving the way for remarkable growth and success. It’s time to take control of your destiny. Your industry impact awaits, and the time to seize it is now. Your Elite Client Attractor will help you do just that.

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