You deserve more success as a consultant than traditional methods such as networking, referrals, and RFPs have brought you. It's not your fault. The old ways don't serve everyone equally. As a woman in consulting, especially a woman of color, you need a modern toolkit to level the playing field and secure bigger, better contracts in this digital era. Here's where you learn how.

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Your brilliance is undeniable, yet it’s being overshadowed by a market that doesn’t highlight your unique value. To truly stand out, you need to embrace your strengths, not dim your light to fit into corporate norms.

It’s time to monetize your expertise, live the life you’ve always dreamed of, and make an even greater impact… on your terms!

Welcome! I’m Dr. Angelina. I empower ambitious women to transform from their industry’s best-kept secrets into sought-after experts. Together, we’ll build a consulting business that not only reflects your unique talents but also beautifully aligns with your lifestyle. Let’s unlock your full potential and take your entrepreneurial spirit to new heights!

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”

– Anne Sweeney

You’ve already accomplished so much in your career. Yet, there might be a quiet voice in the back of your mind questioning if it’s selfish to desire more. Let me assure you, aiming for greater heights isn’t just reasonable—it’s necessary. It’s about rightfully claiming the full value of your sacrifices, relentless efforts, and the myriad challenges you’ve faced as a woman, especially as a woman of color, throughout your professional journey.

I’ve met far too many exceptionally qualified and talented women who still struggle to secure the financial stability and personal fulfillment they rightly deserve. You have the potential and the vision to mold a business that not only meets but surpasses your aspirations for flexibility and financial freedom. Imagine a career where you feel genuinely passionate and fulfilled once again.

The path you consider now? It’s entirely yours to design.

You get to define what success looks like and decide the life you want to lead. However, achieving this vision requires playing the entrepreneurship game in consulting differently. As women, especially women of color, we’ve often seen the deck stacked against us. Yet, with the right strategic adjustments, resilient mindset, and the backing of a community that understands and champions your cause, you are poised for unparalleled success.

Whether you dream of running a boutique consultancy, leading a major consulting firm, or steering an influential agency, I am committed to helping you realize that dream. It’s time for a transformation that redefines what you thought possible. Together, we can unlock the extraordinary potential of your consulting business.

I’d love for you to join me!


Working with Dr Angelina Davis was the best decision I made to help with the launch of my consulting business. She was able to pull out all of the knowledge I had stored for decades. She helped me take a strategic approach to launching my consulting program while having a 9 to 5 job. I will continue to lean on Dr Angelina Davis for support long after my going live with my consulting business.

Lori Franklin

Lori Franklin

InVois Consulting


Dr. Angelina is a phenomenal coach. She’s extremely knowledgeable and organized and does an excellent job tailoring her coaching based on your needs & experience. I genuinely appreciated how much she cared for me as a person & wanted to see me win.

Kimberly Green-Warren

Kimberly Green-Warren

SMART Health Education