Bio Image of Dr. Angelina Davis

Dr. Angelina Davis

Consulting Coach and Founder of Excel At Consulting

About Me

As a Clinical Pharmacist who transitioned to consulting practice, I struggled to find the information and resources I needed at the start of my consulting career. This new path required shifting my focus from a single hospital’s mission to developing and implementing quality initiatives at the health system and multi-hospital network level. This was a massive mindset shift that required a unique arsenal of skills and talents to succeed.

At that point in my life, there was an urgent need to quickly prepare for my new role while balancing my career and family. To gain this knowledge, I searched for and invested in personal development and invaluable education that expanded my career and practice. I took the information that I learned and immediately used vital concepts and strategies to improve upon them daily as I navigated client relationships, focused on optimizing the client experience, and delivered high-quality results.

I also used time management tools and concepts to help me along the way and developed systems that allowed me to work more efficiently and optimize my practice. The overall experience helped me grow intimately familiar with the strategies and processes required to exceed client expectations, maintain and expand contracts, and increase client return on investment even in the setting of the 2020 global pandemic.⁣

My Vision

My vision is to develop a comprehensive online platform designed to serve as a resource and practical solution for busy consultants and professionals that provides focused education, practical advice, and helpful tips to help propel their career and successfully achieve their goals; everything I needed so long ago.

I want to help YOU transform your practice, maximize your impact, and excel at life!