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As a successful, ambitious woman in consulting, your time is your biggest asset.


Over my 7 years in healthcare consulting, I’ve noticed a common obstacle many female solo consultants face as they try to build and grow their own consulting practice.

Does this sound like you?

You are used to “wearing all of the hats” but now find yourself struggling to do all of the things necessary to grow your consulting practice.

You are crushing your to-do list but not making any real progress on your big goals.

You have already hit the limit on outsourcing help (or don’t see that in the budget any time soon) and still have too much on your plate.

You are tired of wasting time and ready to ditch the overwhelm and frustration so that you can expand your practice and generate more revenue.

If so, it sounds like EXPAND to Excel™️ is exactly what you need.

I want to help women in consulting maximize their impact by creating an environment where their practice and business thrive. The goal is success and longevity NOT burnout.

We have to stop normalizing being overworked and stressed out. Growing your consulting business shouldn’t lead you to overwhelm and burnout. There is a better way!

You can…

Perform at your highest level and produce more valuable work in a fraction of the time you’re currently spending.

Build wealth by establishing a highly profitable consulting business without a massive team.

Create the time to expand your practice through a diversity of offerings, authorship, or professional speaking engagements.

Place your well-being and mental and physical health as a top priority without your business suffering.

Save time and energy to be fully present for the people and things you love.


It’s time for you to stop putting yourself and your dreams and goals on the back burner. You know what you have to do. You just need a road map to help you figure out how to reach the next level of your consulting journey.

So, are you ready to stop letting opportunity and the ability to generate more revenue pass you by because you can’t seem to find enough time?

EXPAND To Excel™️

12-week curriculum-based coaching program

Develop a personal strategy to build and grow your business as a solo consultant

Learn the skills and strategies to:

  • Expand your personal bandwidth (work capacity)
  • Create effective and efficient workflows
  • Develop simple automations
  • Delegate and outsource with ease
  • Optimize your approach for increased profitability

Additional Services:

Personal Bandwidth VIP Day

The Personal Bandwidth VIP Day offers in-depth, 1-on-1 help to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time. It is a one-day experience that is designed for the busy consultant and will address immediate time management, project management, and productivity challenges. This VIP day will equip you with focused training and vital tools to accomplish your biggest goals.

During this time we will create your Personal Bandwidth Dashboard. This online application will serve as your control center for the essential things in your life and create a blueprint for future success. This experience offers highly focused time to solve your immediate need for increased productivity and high-level performance. It is all about implementation and combining key strategies to help you succeed.

The VIP Day Experience