The ELITE Expert

Game changing insight for expert service providers and social entrepreneurs who are ready to disrupt their market and grow their business to new levels with differentiated and innovative strategy that aligns with their greater mission.

You’re on a greater mission…

Yes, you want to make money. Who doesn’t want to do that? But you also want to make a significant impact and shake things up in your industry for the better. The problem is that there is so much noise in the market that it’s hard to figure out the best way to bring your vision into reality.

With everything on your plate, the thought of trying to learn how to build out of the pieces of the puzzle you need (i.e., the messaging, marketing, service delivery, pitches, funnels, and speaking) to make it all work is simply exhausting. And outsourcing is becoming more and more costly as it eats into your budget month to month. You need support and guidance but don’t have time to join another long coaching program or sit in group sessions where your high-level questions never get answered.

That’s why the most successful entrepreneurs have advisors who support their business goals.

As an ELITE expert in your space, you deserve the same. To accomplish big and impactful goals, you need someone who can help you avoid costly mistakes and obstacles that can delay your success by working in collaboration with you. You don’t need to keep relearning the basics over and over again.

As part of The Elite Expert VIP Experience, you get a second brain that can create a done-for-you strategic plan based on YOUR vision. We collaborate and plan everything out in partnership. The co-creation process allows you to infuse your purpose, mission, and goals into every aspect of the strategic plan so that what you accomplish feels completely aligned with what you truly want for your life and business. Then, we pair that with a guided implementation process and the tools that you need so that your success is not left up to chance a result. You walk away with a practical growth strategy that embraces your strengths and incorporates what has worked in practice and is not solely based on theory or one experience.

“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to succeed, but more importantly, what’s your plan to succeed?”

Jim Rohn

What does The Elite Expert VIP Experience include?

  • A 5-hour virtual strategic planning intensive (Includes a 1-hr break for lunch; in-person option available upon request.)
  • An Elite Game Plan outlining your in-depth, personalized strategy step-by-step for seamless implementation
  • A complimentary 60-minute implementation support call over the next 30 days to ensure that you maintain momentum and navigate any unanticipated challenges successfully
  • Tools and resources to make implementation a breeze (Project-specific Based on identified need. Examples include a competitive analysis dashboard, personalized messaging guide, project management dashboard, and templates.)

Not sure what you need? An Elite Strategy Intensive will help you sort it out.

  • A 90-minute virtual strategy intensive (with audio recording)
  • Complimentary 7-day Voxer Access

Here are some ideas of what we can tackle together:

  • Develop the perfect pitch to land your dream corporate client
  • Creating a core offer that feels simple to deliver and attracts the clients you love to serve
  • Mapping out a predictable revenue stream and establishing a formal sales pipeline that works
  • Building out your frameworks and tools to generate more exceptional and reproducible client results
  • Developing a recognizable expert brand and thought leadership strategy to build influence and credibility
  • Establishing effective and consistent messaging that communicates the true value of your offer
  • Establishing a formal lead generation and sales system that draws in aligned and qualified clients
  • Optimizing and simplifying workflows to reduce reliance on costly outsourcing and increase bandwidth
  • Shifting your consumer-based biz success into the business-to-business space

There is absolutely no need for you to try and build your business alone.

Your plate is already full and practically overflowing. Let me help you make the load a bit lighter. Plus, by moving beyond DIYing every move you make and trying to recover from costly mistakes, you will be able to make more money and a greater impact faster, which means reaching your next big goal in a fraction of the time.

Interested in getting started?

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