Strategy Intensives

Are you an established business owner looking to add a lucrative consulting service to your portfolio?

Designed exclusively for established business owners like you, this Strategy Intensive presents a transformative opportunity to unlock an additional income stream without compromising your capacity. In just two focused hours, we’ll collaborate to harness your existing expertise and resources, crafting a consulting offer that elevates your services and amplifies your revenue.

As a seasoned expert in the consulting industry, I specialize in empowering entrepreneurs to tap into the unlimited earning potential of their knowledge and skills. With years of experience navigating the unique challenges and opportunities faced by consultants, I’m here to guide you in developing a consulting offer that seamlessly complements your existing services. My goal is to ensure that this new venture energizes and invigorates your business rather than draining your resources.

Many business owners struggle to create a consulting service that aligns with market demand, establish themselves as consultants, and develop effective client acquisition strategies. These challenges are not unique to you; they are widespread among entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses with consulting services. However, if left unaddressed, these obstacles can hinder your ability to create a profitable and sustainable consulting practice.

How do we make it happen?

Our Strategy Intensive is designed to help you conquer common obstacles and empower you to confidently add a thriving consulting service to your offer suite.

  1. Misalignment of Expertise and Demand
  2. Difficulty Assuming the Identity of a Consultant
  3. Ineffective Approach to Client Acquisition

Misalignment of Expertise and Demand

Difficulty Assuming the Identity of a Consultant
Ineffective Approach to Client Acquisition

No matter how brilliant your services are, they don’t matter if clients don’t buy them. An ineffective client acquisition approach leads to an unreliable sales pipeline and inconsistent revenue. A strong attraction plan puts you in the driver’s seat. Instead of waiting around hoping for referrals or RFPs, you actively nurture a pipeline of qualified prospects. This makes revenue predictable and scalable on your terms.

Best of all, you will walk away with an actionable roadmap and comprehensive guide tailored to you and your goals!

Ready to unlock your consulting potential?

My promise to you…

Invest less than two hours of your time and unlock the potential to save months of effort on research, offer development, and hands-on service delivery. Our Strategy Intensive is meticulously crafted to maximize your productivity while seamlessly integrating with your busy schedule. By leveraging the resources you already possess, you can achieve remarkable results in a fraction of the time.

Investing in this exclusive Strategy Intensive is comparable to treating yourself to a weekend getaway. But unlike a short trip, the benefits you’ll gain will last a lifetime. You’ll acquire the tools, strategies, and confidence to elevate your consulting business to new heights and achieve sustainable success.

It’s time to transform your business with a high-converting consulting offer that creates more freedom and greater profits.

Secure your spot in our exclusive Strategy Intensive today!