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Welcome to Season 2!

I’m your host, Dr. Angelina Davis, and I am the founder of Excel At Consulting. I’m a Consultant, Coach, Soloprneuer, and Mom with a passion for helping female consultants leverage their feminine power to EXCEL. This podcast is dedicated to helping ambitious female consultants create an authentic and thriving career or business that stands out and excels in a male-dominated industry.

This season is all about intention. We are being intentional about cultivating our mindset, strengthening our skills, expanding our knowledge, and prioritizing our health, wellness, and happiness to offer our absolute best to the clients we serve. Each episode will explore important topics such as time and project management, personal strategy, consulting skills, and more. This season, I will also have a few guest experts join the conversation as we leave our unique mark on the consulting world and create a business and life we love.