Visualize a world where YOU are a living magnet, drawing clients in with your unmatched expertise.

Sounds amazing? Well, you’re already on your way!

You’ve expanded beyond relying solely on referrals, embracing the vast digital space. But with so many people online, figuring out how to stand out and become the go-to authority in your field still seems unclear. If you’re ready to change that for good…

Join us for a game-changing live, 2-day virtual experience with the Amplified Messaging Workshop. This workshop is designed to help your insights resonate so powerfully that they reshape your industry’s landscape. Together, we’ll co-create your Amplified Messaging Playbook, your personalized “cheat sheet” for everything from effortless online visibility to seamless lead conversions. Prepare to unlock a world where your brilliance is not just seen but in demand.

We’ve ventured into uncharted territory.

Compared to the past, credentials alone carry less weight. The digital revolution has shaken things up, allowing more people to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and share their ideas with the world. This is a great thing, and it’s long overdue.


It’s also challenging our conventional ideas and understanding of what defines expertise and credibility, which can be problematic in the consulting world.

Gone are the days when titles and advanced degrees alone garnered attention. The rise of influencer marketing has completely shifted the digital space and is reshaping the offline market as well. In this brave new world of “no qualifications necessary,” the one who captures the most attention wins. Or do they?

It’s Not Just Attention – It’s the Right Kind That Counts!

In the digital realm, there’s a prevailing belief that success is about reaching the masses: amassing a vast following, gaining countless LinkedIn connections, and tapping into the influential world of the digital elite. But this approach often results in you creating an audience that isn’t genuinely aligned with your offerings.

The consequence? A diminished return on your investment of both time and resources.

Consultants navigate a distinct terrain. Unlike influencers, who aim to sell low-cost services to a vast audience, consultants seek to resonate with a niche group willing to invest in premium services. It’s not about simply chasing vast attention but instead zeroing in on a select, high-quality audience.

We’re playing a deeper, more targeted game.

The real art? Crafting a message that resonates and draws in prospects and leads.

With the right strategy, a modest yet precisely targeted audience can propel a consulting business to new heights. When you can amplify your message to break through all of the noise in the market, you can become a recognized and sought-after consultant in your industry.

But let’s be real. Right now, your message is just floating around aimlessly on the internet.

You’re showing up online and remaining consistent in your approach, but it’s not gaining the traction you want. Your social media, podcast, or blog is hearing crickets and for a brilliant, high-achiever like you, that’s not going to suffice. It’s why it feels like creating a massive audience is the key to your message ringing out loud and clear. I mean, you want people to not just hear you but to stop whatever they’re doing and really listen.


  • You’re not just throwing out random information; you’re sharing transformative insight.
  • You’re not just trying to find clients; you’re connecting with people who resonate with your ideas.
  • You’re not just building brand recognition; you’re shaping the face of an industry.

As a passionate consultant and industry leader, your message carries the potential to create both impact and profit. So, how do you master your messaging in the digital space?

Introducing the Expert Messaging Model™️…

Ever caught yourself wondering what the algorithm gods would like? If you’re confident in what you know but struggling to figure out what to say, you’re not alone.

In today’s rapid-fire, attention-grabbing world, it’s frustrating to see others effortlessly rake in all the attention, especially when their message feels… (there’s really no better way to say it) shallow? Like they’ve got the secret code to gaining tons of followers and making money online, and you’re stuck playing virtual seek and find with a blindfold on.

But what if there was a roadmap? A guide to help your message ring loud and clear with the right people?

That’s where the Expert Messaging Model™️ comes in. This systematic approach empowers you to create messaging that resonates, captivates, and draws your dream clients straight to you rather than fighting to be seen and heard. With the Expert Messaging Model™️, you won’t just be another voice in the crowd with a watered-down message and “me too” advice. You’ll be the go-to expert your dream clients are searching for, eager to listen and ready to engage because there’s a level of depth to your expertise that’s refreshing in the digital space.

Here’s how it works!

The Expert Messaging Model™️ model revolves around four core pillars:

  1. Your Personal Code: This dives deep into the heart of what you believe and value. It’s the core essence of who you are.
  2. Philosophy: This is your unique approach to solving problems—the lens through which you view challenges and solutions.
  3. Proof: This isn’t just about what others may say. It’s your track record, the evidence that showcases you truly know what you’re talking about.
  4. Prescription: The tailored solutions only you can offer.

Picture it as a dynamic, ever-evolving cycle tailored to capture and amplify your unique expertise. With each turn, envision your message amplifying, resonating deeper, and sparking a more significant impact. The beauty? As you refine and expand your consultancy, your messaging matures and evolves right alongside.

This isn’t about merely being heard; it’s about being sought after.

By tapping into the Expert Messaging Model™️, you elevate your expertise, creating a buzz and demand that clients are more than willing to invest in.

And why is this so transformative?

It’s because you’re not skimming the surface with generic insights. You’re delving deep, establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your domain. This model ensures that your message doesn’t echo everyone else’s; it’s distinctively yours, making you stand out as an invaluable asset in your industry. And this will break through the online chatter in ways a generic influencer approach simply can’t. It’s not just a different way—it’s a game-changer!

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What’s In Store…


  • Kick-off and Welcome
  • Discover how stellar messaging can be a game-changer for your business
  • Learn the common messaging models and the pros and cons for critical thinkers like you
  • Get hands-on with the Expert Messaging Model™️, and learn how to implement it in your business
  • Create your personalized Amplified Messaging Playbook


  • Unlock diverse strategies to leverage your playbook beyond content creation
  • Create personalized business assets and swipe files to simplify communications
  • Master the art of refining your playbook, ensuring it grows and adapts to your ever-evolving business journey
  • Wrap-up and final takeaways

You will leave with:

Bespoke Messaging Tailored for Your Audience: Whether you’re navigating the business-to-business or business-to-consumer space, you will know exactly how to forge deep, authentic connections in the digital space.

A Message that Unapologetically Embraces Your Inner Rebel: Ditch the status quo to embrace your unique perspective so that you can offer a prescription tailor-made for your industry’s needs.

Amplified Messaging That Captures Attention: Unlocking the secrets behind an unforgettable message that resonates with your ideal clients emotionally and logically to fuel business growth.

Ability to Turn Curiosity into Conversions: Understand the art of sparking conversations through your shared message that keeps your audience engaged and nurtured throughout the buyer’s journey.

Your Personalized Amplified Messaging Playbook: Design a powerful, personalized playbook—a reference guide for strategic messaging that irresistibly attracts clients, ensuring they seek out your expertise time and again.

Meet Dr. Angelina – Your Amplified Messaging Mentor!

Hello there! I’m Dr. Angelina, the unstoppable force behind Excel At Consulting and the unapologetic truth-teller and host of the Black Girls Consult TOO! Podcast.

With nearly a decade of experience as a Healthcare Consultant, managing massive hospital contracts, and guiding 1:1 clients to success, I’ve cracked the code to leverage your knowledge and expertise like a boss!

At Excel at Consulting, we’re not just about wishful thinking – we’re about turning your dreams into a reality. The intimate, high-quality coaching and hands-on support offered were tailor-made for ambitious experts like you who want to build thriving, purpose-driven businesses through consulting.

And hey, let’s address the elephant in the room. As a woman, and especially a woman of color, you bring a unique perspective and talent that’s in high demand. That’s why I’m on a mission to empower women like you to conquer this male-dominated industry with style and grace.

The old days of settling for the status quo and playing small are over! With the Amplified Messaging Workshop strategy under your belt, you can kiss those tiny contracts goodbye and say hello to lucrative opportunities, even if retirement is light-years away!

The 2-day Amplified Messaging Workshop will be held on Saturday, August 24th, and Sunday, August 25th, 2024.

Each session will be held at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST)

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry! Replays of each session will be available with lifetime access to video recordings.

The full investment for the Amplified Messaging Workshop, Amplified Messaging Playbook (customizable Notion Template), and customizable swipe file and asset templates is $347, but: