About Me

African  American female consultant
Dr. Angelina Davis, PharmD, MS, BCPS, BCIDP

My name is Dr. Angelina Davis, and I am the founder of Excel At Consulting. I am a Clinical Pharmacist Specialist with over 15 years of experience who transitioned to healthcare consulting over six years ago. I entered consulting through a non-traditional path and struggled to find the information and resources I needed to succeed at the start of my consulting career. I had the expertise but did not know how to fully leverage my skill set to succeed in this demanding and competitive industry.

At that point in my life, it was urgent that I quickly prepare for my new role. I was fueled by ambition and the desire to excel. However, I now had to balance my career and a growing family, among numerous other responsibilities. There was no time to pursue another degree to prepare formally and the inability to take on such a large financial obligation. I had to forge ahead on my own.

Over the subsequent years, I continued to acquire knowledge in the field and immediately used vital concepts and strategies to navigate client relationships and deliver high-quality results. The systems I established improved my time and project management and allowed me to work more efficiently to optimize my practice. I grew intimately familiar with the strategies and processes required to exceed client expectations, maintain and expand contracts, and increase client return on investment. The result… Excel At Consulting.

I want to help YOU transform your practice, maximize your impact, and excel at life!


Excel At Consulting is dedicated to helping female consultants expand their personal bandwidth, accelerate their growth, and cultivate their services to stand out in a male-dominated industry. The high-quality, transformative education and coaching provided will empower you to use your feminine power to your advantage to showcase your expertise and attract clients with ease.

As a consultant working with large organizations and managing multiple contracts simultaneously, I have learned that there are three things you need in place to help you truly succeed.

  1. You need the personal bandwidth to expand and grow.
  2. You need to master core soft skills to help propel your expertise into the spotlight.
  3. You need to develop and enhance your services to increase client return on investment.

These three vital areas are what I used to expand and grow my career and help others to do the same. They are also the core focus areas I used to develop the Excel MethodTM for consulting, which is the foundation of my educational and coaching approach. I want to offer what I desperately needed at the beginning of my consulting career so many years ago.

My mission is to help support, strengthen, and elevate the work of women in consulting. I want to see each of us walk authentically in our practice and maximize our impact. After all, the world is awaiting your unique solution to their most pressing problem.