You’re a BADAZZ expert in your field!

You’re meant to make a major impact in your industry. But, if you aren’t able to land the clients you need to build a profitable business, your impact is SIGNIFICANTLY limited.

Good news… I’ve been navigating the consulting world for almost a decade and learned a lot along the way. I’ve created a roadmap that helped me land and manage six-figure corporate contracts and has been able to help others maximize their impact (and generate more revenue too).

So, you’re in the right place. We’ve got work to do!

Hey there! I’m Dr. Angelina Davis, the founder of Excel At Consulting, a coaching practice and educational platform dedicated to increasing the success and longevity of women, especially women of color, in consulting. Because, we have too much knowledge, talent, and experience to allow ourselves to feel trapped or limited in our current roles no matter how far along the corporate ladder we have been able to climb.

It would be so easy to get lucrative contracts and high-ticket clients to sign on the dotted line if only our previous career achievements translated directly into our business. But, the truth is, building a successful consulting business requires a unique skill set and the ability to sell your services to an audience that has yet to realize that you and your phenomenal client experience exist.

I couldn’t google my way out of *this* situation…trust me I tried.

I struggled to find the information and resources I needed to succeed at the start of my consulting career. I had the expertise but without a consulting background, I didn’t know how to fully leverage my skill set to succeed in such a demanding and competitive industry. Hustle culture was on the rise. With a growing family and numerous other responsibilities, I had to find a way to compete. So, I created my own system to help me successfully navigate client engagements without stress and overwhelm. And, it worked!

I went from being the “new kid on the block,” completely lost and overwhelmed to leading my group in contract acquisition and client retention. I grew intimately familiar with the strategies and processes required to win client contracts in the business-to-business space and translated this knowledge into my coaching practice. And, I did it all while honoring my core beliefs and values and using my unique perspective to my advantage.

Now, I want to share it all with you!

I want to help YOU transform your practice, maximize your impact, and excel at life!


Consulting is a hypermasculine industry driven by competitiveness and demanding schedules that often push most women out of the industry over time, and certainly out of the C-suite in many major firms. This is despite women representing almost half of the new consultants entering this space.

The industry was not built for us to easily succeed, especially women of color. But, the window of opportunity has opened and success is now more accessible. And when you’re able to expand your personal bandwidth to reclaim your time and energize your efforts, you can accelerate your growth by cultivating services that fit your lifestyle, allow you to compete, and stand out from your competition effectively.

The unique perspective and viewpoint you offer as a woman, especially a woman of color, is your superpower. Your ideas were meant to transform your industry into all that you imagine and more. It’s time to make some noise!

There are three things you need in place to help you truly succeed:

  1. You need the personal bandwidth (increased capacity) to expand and grow.
  2. You need to establish a recognizable expert brand and thought leadership to help propel your expertise into the spotlight.
  3. You need to develop and enhance your services to increase perceived value and client return on investment.

These three vital areas are what I used to expand and grow my consulting practice and help others to do the same. They are also the core focus areas I used to develop the Excel MethodTM for consulting, which is the foundation of my educational and coaching approach. I want to offer you what I desperately needed at the beginning of my consulting career so many years ago – support, education, and a simple roadmap for success.

I’m a rebel. I take a different approach than most consultants in this space:

X I don’t believe in relying solely on referrals or requests for proposals.

-> I believe that you should be able to generate business on your terms and diversify your approach to sustain your business for years and decades to come.

X I don’t believe in customizing every client engagement.

-> I believe in developing a core offer based on your strengths that can produce reproducible results and a predictable return on investment that attracts clients to your front door.

X I don’t believe in hiding behind logos and “we” terminology to appear “professional”.

-> I believe in creating your own definition of “professionalism”, authentically leading with an expert brand, and expanding your thought leadership to create a movement that supports your greater mission.

My mission is to help elevate the work of women in consulting.

I want to help you build your own table so that each of us can walk authentically in our practice, maximize our impact, and generate wealth that brings our vision into reality. After all, the world is awaiting your unique solution to their most pressing problem.